Turnaround, like many other things, is negotiable. But here are some guidelines to help you plan:

dissertation or thesis formatting: Formatting can usually be done within one week, particularly if the document is otherwise complete.

dissertation or thesis editing: Turnaround for editing varies, depending on length and complexity of the material. It's best to allow three weeks or more. I don't do "rush" thesis/dissertation editing, unless only a quick proofread is needed, because rush turnaround doesn't leave time for queries or multiple rounds of revisions.

editing other than thesis/dissertation projects: For documents of 100 pages or less, turnaround is approximately one week.

short projects: Documents of 10 pages or less can usually be completed within a day or two.


dissertation or thesis formatting or editing: I require a 50% deposit before beginning a dissertation or thesis project. The final payment is due when the document is accepted by your graduate school advisor or, if filing is not imminent, when the current round of formatting/editing is complete.

editing other than thesis/dissertation projects: Full payment is due when the current round of editing revisions is complete. For larger projects, I require a deposit of 50% before beginning work; the balance is due on completion.

repeat customers on a 30-day invoice cycle: Full payment is due 30 days from invoice date.

I accept payment by check or credit card, by wire transfer, or by company or university purchase order. If you need to make a special arrangement, ask!